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Quartz Composer Links

Below, you see a list with links to webpages devoted to Quartz Compositions. They might be of great help when you work with Effect Builder AE.

  Web Link
  Link   Apple's Quartz Composer Webpage
Well, this is the home of Quartz Composer.
  Link   Zugakousaku
Great collection of beautiful Quartz Compositions. A must to look at!
  Link   Rayz O Lite - QC Tutorial
Free half-hour course on programming awesome light rays in QC.
  Link   Quartonian
Experiments in Quartz Composer for video DJs.
  Link   Sam Kass's Blog
Collection of Quartz Compositions, mostly illustrating technical possibilities.
"The central source for quartz composer creations."
  Link   MacApp Tutorial
Tutorial about how to make Quartz Compositions.
  Link   Kineme
Provides plug-ins and patches to extend Quartz Composer.
  Link   Quartz Composer JavaScript
Information regarding JavaScript for Quartz Composer. Unfortunately in Japanese only.
  Link   Quartz Composer Patches
Miscellaneous information about Quartz Composer patches.
  Link   Quartz Composer Journal
Miscellaneous background information regarding Quartz Composer.