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Effect Builder AE introduced

ImageEffect Builder AE is a new development kit for creating Adobe After Effects™ plug-ins from Quartz Compositions on MacOS X.

Quartz Composer, delivered freely by Apple, is a graphics development environment that allows users to build complex and hardware accelerated image effects. With Effect Builder AE users can transform Quartz Compositions to After Effects plug-ins and thus take advantage from the rich features and hardware acceleration of Quartz Compositions through OpenGL. 

Effect Builder AE provides a simple and intuitive user interface that lets users easily setup plug-ins from Quartz Compositions without programming knowledge. All basic parameter types of After Effects are supported, and beyond this, plug-ins built with Effect Builder AE can load user selected external images.
Optionally, users can load different Quartz Compositions from within After Effects on the fly or even modify Quartz Compositions without restarting After Effects. This feature provides maximum flexibility and can save a lot of time.

Effect Builder AE addresses video professionals who want to combine the power and flexibility of Quartz Compositions with After Effects. In addition, Effect Builder AE's licensing mechanism encourages video artists to distribute their own high quality effects commercially.