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ImageiStabilize is a stand-alone software video stabilizer for MacOS. It stabilizes movies by removing unwanted shaky motion and smoothing the image path.

Shaking often originates from lightweight handheld cameras, particularly when driven at high magnification. Built-in stabilizers mostly do a good job, but can get overcharged in various conditions. Then, iStabilize can be a helpful utility. Being powerful enough to meet professional demands but also affordable for video amateurs, iStabilize is a valuable extension to many digital video (home) studios.


  • iStabilize runs on Apple computers with MacOS X (10.4+).
  • It supports PowerPC (G4/G5)- and Intel-based Apple computers.

What it does

iStabilize stabilizes movies by removing unwanted shaky motion and smoothing the image path. It can separately smooth motion with respect to translation, rotation, and scaling (zooming) in an image sequence.
As a stand-alone software it works independently of other software. iStabilize is essentially a movie player with editing capabilities. It reads and writes many movie formats, such as QuickTime™, (H)DV, MPEG4, and AVI and handles progressive scan as well as interlaced video.

How it works

With iStabilize the process of stabilization is divided into three steps for best performance and flexibility:

  • The movie's motion is estimated. You don't have to specify anchor points, but you can optionally define a region of interest. The new motion tracker of version 2 is fast and more accurate. It tolerates foreground motion very well and recognizes cuts, so you can run the motion analysis over multiple scenes.
  • Now it's up to you to adjust a few parameters for computing the optimum image path. This is easy and does not require deep knowledge. The implemented algorithm considers a wide range of frames including a forecast to future frames. Unlike other solutions, you can immediately watch the stabilized movie without time consuming rendering. iStabilize offers multiple zooming options and methods for handling margins. You can stabilize multiple segments of a movie separately.
  • Finally, you can export the stabilized movie to a new file. Then, the movie is completely rendered, recompressed, and written to a movie format supported by QuickTime.

How it looks

The screen shot of iStabilize below shows a movie window. At the bottom there are several controls for navigating through the movie. In the toolbar at the top, several options for display and playing can be adjusted. The drawer provides control over the stabilizer.

Screen shot of iStabilize.
Screen shot of iStabilize. Click into the image to show it at native size.

What next

You can download our free trial here or read iStabilize's documentation. If you have any questions left, please contact us.


Download iStabilize

iStabilize.dmg (3.0 MB) v2.2.4

User Comments

"Just a quick note to say what a brilliant program this is! Yesterday we took some hand-held shots from a helicopter and your program has removed all the judder and we now have some excellent useable footage. Thank you so much." Bob Hamilton - The Magic Video Company

"I downloaded the demo for iStabilize and was impressed with the speed and ease of use of this app. I could use high end apps for stabilizing, like commotion pro or AE 6, but to do the same thing as iStabilize, would take about 3 to 4x longer. Once you account for setting it up, loading the footage, manually finding tracking points, then tracking and all the rest.. for 99% of the shots it is not worth the extra effort..." Ben A.