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Sample Videos

Here you can watch several sample movies, which shall illustrate the effect of stabilization. They have been processed with iStabilize. We have a series of self-made clips ("Münster by Bike"), and two customers have contributed their own clips, which they had stabilized with iStabilize.

You can click into the images to watch the respective clips. QuickTime 6+ is required.

Münster by Bike

We take this opportunity to show you some of the attractions of iStabilize's home town Münster in Westphalia/Germany. Münster has a long history and has managed to preserve the charming character of its medieval city centre. It has one of the largest universities in Germany, and thousands of students populate the city (and the pubs). Thanks to the flat lands, Münster has developed to the capital of bikes, having more bicycles than inhabitants. We also take our sightseeing tour by bike - partly over cobble-stone pavement, which proves to be a great challenge for a video stabilizer!

The movie samples show the non-stabilized and the stabilized versions on the left and right hand, respectively. All movies were stabilized by compensating for translation and rotation. The samples are available in low and high quality according to the speed of your internet connection.

Principal Market

low - high quality

Our first station is the Principal Market. It is the oldest shopping street in Münster and the center of the Old City. Originally, merchants have built these tall houses with arched arcades on massive columns since the late 12th century.
At the end of the movie, you can see on the left hand the Gothic gable of the city house, which is our next station.


Hall of Peace

low - high quality
The Treaty of Westphalia, terminating the Thirty Years War, was signed in the council chamber by European representatives in 1648. This hall is located in the city house, and today it is known as the Hall of Peace.



low - high quality
The St. Paulus cathedral dates back to the 13th century. It took some 80 years to complete this massive building.



low - high quality
The former residence of Prince Bishop was built since 1767. Today, the baroque castle is the main university building.



low - high quality
The Promenade is a green belt surrounding the city. Once constituting the city walls, which protected the city, the Promenade today serves as "highway" for bicyclists.


Customer Samples
The following samples are provided by some of our customers.
Grand Challenge

iStabilize has been used by the Stanford Racing Team during the DARPA Grand Challenge, a competition of autonomously navigating vehicles.

The vehicle shown in this clip is "Stanley", Stanford University's contribution to the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004/05. The Grand Challenge is an off-road robot competition organized by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to support research in the field of autonomous vehicles. The challenge consists of building a robot capable of navigating 175 miles through desert terrain in less than 10 hours, with no human intervention.       

This clip has been stabilized using iStabilize 2. Margins have been filled by applying the "extrapolation" method.

Read more about the Grand Challenge at DARPA and Stanford University's contribution at Stanford Racing Team.

Thanks to David Black-Schaffer, Stanford University for providing this clip.

Wobbly Lion

Due to tele-objective, this clip suffers from strong shaking. iStabilize helps to fix the lion.

Thanks to Christopher Sanderson from Terra Luma Inc. for providing this clip. 

Snow Bike

Video capturing on a snow bike often results in strong shaking. Check these samples from Mark Simpson to see how iStabilize removes shaking. Click below to see the non-stabilized and the stabilized clip.

Download iStabilize

iStabilize.dmg (3.0 MB) v2.2.4

User Comments

"Just a quick note to say what a brilliant program this is! Yesterday we took some hand-held shots from a helicopter and your program has removed all the judder and we now have some excellent useable footage. Thank you so much." Bob Hamilton - The Magic Video Company

"I downloaded the demo for iStabilize and was impressed with the speed and ease of use of this app. I could use high end apps for stabilizing, like commotion pro or AE 6, but to do the same thing as iStabilize, would take about 3 to 4x longer. Once you account for setting it up, loading the footage, manually finding tracking points, then tracking and all the rest.. for 99% of the shots it is not worth the extra effort..." Ben A.